Tony Moretti - "Goin Crazy"

Every rapper has a story, and Tony Moretti is finally ready to tell his. Growing up in St. Louis, the twenty-five-year-old emcee quickly found himself admiring the lyricism of past and present being displayed by the likes of Nas and Mac Miller, among others.  Tony’s style is a mix of Rap and Old School Hip Hop with passionate deliveries. At the age of seventeen, he began freestyling and writing lyrics, taking every opportunity at his disposal to improve, whether that was competitively practicing for years with friends, freestyling on drives, the streets and in Garages, while mastering his freestyle skills.   By 2018, he decided to write a new chapter in his story by moving to Los Angeles, bringing his passionate flows and soulful sounds to one of the biggest cities in America. Now, he is quickly building up a schedule of performances and is eager to share his music with the world!