Mobb Marley is On The Rise

Born & raised in Orange County, California, Anaheim to be exact. Music captured this trendsetters heart at young age but wasn't necessarily his first career choice. Joshua Lewis Payton aka MoBB Marley aka Jay Payso aka Rasta Sinatra aka Batman aka Bruce Wayne was smart enough to be a lawyer or doctor but chose to stay in regular high school after being accepted and qualifed for Oxford Academy. Joshua told his parents that he didn't wanna be a nerd and attended the jr high school that everyone else attended.
After working for wells fargo bank at 21 years old and working his way up from teller to personal banker mr. Jay Payso ended up robbing wells fargo and going to jail in 2012. Life was shaky so Josh decided to go back to school but later became homeless and dropped out. He then moved to LA to chase his dream of being a musician and there he found what he needed to take his music to the next level.