Greg Hoy & the Boys release hot new rock single "Brilliant Jerk"

Be sure to read the label on the bottle, before taking the pill. Throughout history the moniker of 'genius' usually comes with some side effects: weird, insane, and even at times being a jerk. On-the-verge rock band, Greg Hoy & the Boys, explores this topic on their latest smash single titled "Brilliant Jerk". Accompanying the single is a high-energy new visual that is sure to get the party started! Read more below about Greg Hoy & the Boys and stream the song today on Spotify.

"Brilliant Jerk" on Spotify:

Greg Hoy is an artist currently based out of San Francisco, CA. Several of Hoy’s songs have been featured on network television on shows such as "One Tree Hill" and MTV’s "Made". He was a host for the original Arlene’s Grocery Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke in New York City. He has run a record label called 30 Peak since 2007 and does production and soundtrack work under the name earhopper. You can follow Greg Hoy & The Boys on Facebook and follow check out their website for news and updates.