Emp Tafari drops new 8-track hip-hop album "Pops Named Me Emperor"

As usual, Harlem births a movement; the world follows. This time, the next urban influencer to rise up out of the concrete garden is on-the-verge mc, Emp Tafari. With his dope new 8-track offering "Pops Named Me Emperor" he proclaims his throne amongst hip-hop elite. Emp's proves his styles, flows, and delivery are superior with barz leaving a whiff of confidence while steady reflecting the streets that birthed him. Enjoy the new album and read more about Emp Tafari below.

Stream “Pops Named Me Emperor” on Spotify

Emp Tafari is a freestyle rapper and native of Harlem, NY. His latest project has been long awaited and anticipated. Titled “Pops Named Me Emperor,” the project delivers a very personal look into the life of the artist. Throughout 8 motivational, relatable and emotionally deep tracks Emp Tafari delves deep into who he is and paints a picture of how he was raised and what he stands for. Listen to “Pops Named Me Emperor” on Spotify, or follow him on Instagram for updates.