Alternative Hip-Hop duo, 12 Signs 21 Sounds releases new single “Fall For Me”

Breathlessly immaculate. These are the only words that can so much as closely embody the magic that is “Fall For Me”— and even they do not do it justice. That alone should testify to the talent of Alternative Hip-Hop duo, 12 Signs 21 Sounds. Composed of two Brooklyn women with an extraordinary grasp on lyricism and production, 12 Signs 21 Sounds are making a beeline for mainstream greatness; and their recent release is an incredible impetus. “Fall For Me” sports angelic and melodic vocals with a driving, electric guitar. Raps are plentiful over this rock-esque instrumental; detailing a tumultuous love that is as heavy as the drums carrying the verses. The track proves that 12 Signs 21 Sounds are not simply musicians, but inarguably magicians; casting sonic spells that’ll swiftly enchant any listener. When you combine their wistful, yet majestic singing with their flawlessly alternative production and lyricism, you are gifted a very unique record. One whose sound will take this talented New York duo to heights beyond any of our imaginations.

“Fall For Me” on Soundcloud

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