VAN KING drops melodic new-age R&B banger "Tell Me"

There is time for subliminal flirting, winks, smiles, touching, and body language. This ain't that.. On the verge artist, VAN KING gets straight to it with an absolute smash single "Tell Me". This smooth, melodic and seductive alternative RnB club banger, cuts the chase and straight to the bedroom, as VAN KING wants to hear the words come out of her mouth! Read more about the artist below and stream "Tell Me" today on Spotify.

VAN KING is the stage name of Toronto native Kevin Kozo. Currently based in London, KING is expanding his career as a music producer into the realm of recording artist. His sound is heavily influenced by R&B, but he has established a versatile range. A lifelong love of music propelled KING into producing, writing, and recording a handful of tracks and projects while collaborating with other artists. His upcoming work as a producer includes the EP "My Head Is A Dark Place" by Brazilian artist Ary Franklin, and the debut EP for the Ottawa rapper Affy. Recently, KING stepped out into the spotlight with his debut single "Tell Me." Follow VAN KING on Instagram, or go to his official website for more information.

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