Born Made Bosses Music Group drops heartfelt soul trap collab album “Soul & Spice Vol. 1”

The city of Philadelphia is breeding a powerhouse. An imprint of epic potential that could very well be the next leading label of ‘The Birthplace of America’. Known as Born Made Bosses Music Group (BMB), this East Coast collective is spearheading consciousness and the revival of boom-bap; utilizing their latest tape, ‘Soul & Spice Vol. 1’, as a swift introduction into their lasting magnificence. Sporting seven tracks, and seven tracks alone, the effort is fully produced by JSoul Musiq (BMB’s first artist and in-house producer). Over twenty minutes of runtime, our New Orleanian beat-maker splices sweet, soul samples with punching, Golden Era drums. These instrumentals lay the foundation of some of CG QUE’s (BMB’s head honcho), JSoul Musiq’s, and Super K’s most impassioned and thought-provoking verses; returning the essence of organic hip-hop to ‘The City of Brotherly Love’. Granted, a couple tracks feature modern percussions— with ‘Kryptic’ being a powerful, 808-driven rhyme-fest; and Atiya’s ‘What I Need’ braving shimmering R&B vocals over soft kicks and trap snares— they do not subtract from the project’s cohesive, old-school sound. Their equivalent use of soul samples is an adhesive that binds these records to the other joints on the project; keeping ‘Soul & Spice Vol. 1’ a smooth-flowing, nostalgic affair. Every artist spotlighted on this project uniquely holds their own; offering another dimension of brilliance to ‘Soul & Spice Vol. 1’ that hadn’t existed before their part. In twenty minutes, these artists combine and create something remarkable. Just imagine what they’ll be presenting us years down the line. If Philadelphia had no hope in R&B and the revival of Golden Era Hip-Hop, they certainly have one now; and Born Made Bosses is leading the way.

We recently caught up with suave conscious rap spitter, CG Que for to get the story behind thejoint project "Soul & Spice Vol. 1". Peep the in-depth FB LIVE interview above on the TheDopeness interview series.

“Soul & Spice Vol. 1”