J.E Da Weirdo (@je216productions) Drops "Rap Attack"

J.E Da Weirdo is underground hip hop artist straight out of Cleveland, Ohio. His moniker stems from being a free spirit with charm, wit and a bit of rebellion. His robust personality is unquestionably heard throughout his music. J.E Da Weirdo unique flows that pack constant laughable punchlines with explicit language. Not only could J.E Da Weirdo go toe to toe in a cypher, he has a knack for sing-a-long hooks too.
J.E Da Weirdo strives to push boundaries and overstep limits within the industry. He has the skills, confidence and determination to set himself apart from pack. His raps circle deep thought, restraint, or indeed reality as most of us would see it.
His current project “Rap Attack” is a sixteen track and includes verses from D.Hood Konbo and Dayleon. If it’s true that Hip hop music ate up the world, then it’s fair to say that J.E Da Weirdo is busy eating up Hip hop!
Bump “Rap Attack” below.