This is precisely what we have been waiting for. Since Summer Walker’s fiery onset in 2018, ignited by her chart-topping “Girls Need Love” record; the lot of us have waited with bated breaths for someone to offer a rendition. Their own take on the smoldering smash. Now, we may finally have it; lifted from the lungs of the young, North Carolina crooner, Abryon. With an awe-striking command over melody and harmony, this Southern singer aims to remind us that “Girls Need Love Too”. A sultry music video, and autotune-driven remix, are his main means of doing so. As he passes between various scenes with two particular women, the Tarheel vocalist unhinges a bit more of his amorous soul. He confides in them his desire to be anything and everything they could ask for; ultimately giving us everything we could ask for in a Summer Walker remix: pleas full of passion that’ll feel everlasting. 

“Girls Need Love 2” on Youtube