Tan Lines releases new-age pop single “What You Saying (Tan Lines Remix)”

To set fire to your next house party, long-distance duo, Tan Lines, has released a “What You Saying” remix. Originally created by Jarreau Vandal, and featuring TĀLĀ, this danceable, jazz-tinged revision will effortlessly blow you away. A four-to-the-floor pulse, produced by Juan, the half of Tan Lines living in Paris, France, will move you directly to the dance floor; whilst Adam, the St Petersburg, Florida-dwelling half of the duo’s saxophone and funky inflections creep into your soul. This remix is an alternative, EDM rework of the Jarreau Vandal track. It gives “What You Saying” an extra echelon of musicality; coating it in shining chords and anthemic drums. Keep this up and Tan Lines is fated to be dominating festivals around the world in the months to come. Their chemistry is unparalleled; and this remix to “What You Saying” unquestionably sets them apart from the crowd. 

“What You Saying (Tan Lines Remix)”