RADAMIZ - "SAVE THE YOUTH" ft. History & Tedy Andreas| @radamiz

East Coast Lyricist, Radamiz delivers a strong message in his latest single, "Save the Youth" feat. History & Tedy Andreas

Radamiz is quintessential of the East Coast rapper and should be globally heard. "Save the Youth" features History & Tedy Andreas and delivers a message. “Bringing New York back” is a phrase to describe rappers restoring the grittiness of the ‘90s, steeped in lyricism and storytelling without compromising their sound for a mainstream hit. A hip-hop kid who grew up studying the lyrics of Jadakiss and The Notorious B.I.G., as well as listened to Jay-Z, Eminem, D12, and G-Unit as he got older,

In 2016, Radamiz released his debut album, 'Writeous,' which took four years to complete. Radamiz reflects on his first LP as “the one I had to make to prove myself that I did care about music,” he says, adding, “It became like a testament to a kid deciding what he wants his life to be.” It cost him five-figures to make, but fans can hear how meticulous he was in perfecting everything – from the production and sound quality to the album’s messages of spirituality, lost, and triumph.

Two years later, Radamiz is readying the release of his next project. “It’s an overcoming of a lot of past states of mind,” Radamiz says. He wants to hold nothing back in the new space he’s in, speaking on being a 25-year-old who's growing wiser and seeing life pass by. He, along with the Mogul Club, a brotherhood of creatives featuring original members King Critical, Madwiz, and History, will strive to make connections with as many people from around the world as possible with their music.
In May 2018, Radamiz announced his signing to the relaunched Payday Records. Stay connected by following him on all social networks.


Photo Credit: Max Hoffman