International  Recording Artist, Remmeh releases his latest project, " Same as Money May"

Remmeh is a  20-year-old Colombian \ Swedish Rapper and been making wavy music for some time now. The irony of how it all came into fruition is like a street fairytale that we've all heard at one point. Remmeh's family plans something different for his life and "rapping" wasn't included.  The rebellious artist found himself in the streets and learns that his "friends" were not who he thought them to be.

Remmeh has a  freestyle flow that is noticeable in his lyrical delivery. He describes himself as a “struggling” young rapper and desires to professionally achieve gigs. His humbleness can be heard in his single, "Same as Money May"- one of his latest accomplishments that is produced by Lifes A Matrix. Press play to hear and support this artist by connecting with him on social media outlets.

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