TheFNKing merges genres with powerful new mixtape: “Long Live King”

Houston rapper, TheFNKing’s, latest single, “Walk Away”, is as angelic as it is nefarious. Contrasting the abysmal, villainous Jordan Vandy-production that upholds it, is the seraphic singing of Holly Simmons on the chorus; bestowing a powerful duplexity onto an already vigorous record. Darkly, keys sparkle in the background of the beat, furthered by the lunge of piano chords and moving trap percussion. Like a light at the end of the tunnel, Holly Simmons splits this darkness with a resplendent belt, igniting a catchy, soul-stirring hook with every breath. That light only glows brighter with the blast of King’s awe-striking first verse. In this verse, and the one after it, King delivers that classic, Texan passion no ear can resist. The microphone is utterly crushed under the weight of his spirit, as he volleys bar after bar in a pure fire of conviction. Truly, “Walk Away” is for the fierce and determined. It is a roar of perseverance; and when matched with others, on TheFNKing’s “Long Live King” mixtape, the world is destined to hear. 

“Long Live King” on MyMixtapez