Listen to new nostalgic Southern Hiphop single “Wood Grain Grippin” Undeniably Genuine ft. Jaymee

Undeniably Genuine’s new song “Wood Grain Grippin” is a real slab slammer! It features Jaymee, and for five minutes straight, the trio breathe absolute fire on the track. Aside from that, a dope, screwed-up chorus gives the song exactly what it needs to be a Southern hit! No doubt, UNG know how to put on for Shreveport, Louisiana. As well as every slab rider in the Dirty South. “Wood Grain Grippin” keeps a smooth, funky instrumental with 808s that’ll knock your trunk! UNG and Jaymee cruise it like true Southern stars. Whatever you’re doing, drop this very second. Grab your keys, hop in your whip, and take the ride of your life to “Wood Grain Grippin”!

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“Wood Grain Grippin”