BoyboiiAT drops new smoker's anthem “Gah Bag”

A herculean, hard-hitting 808 is all BoyboiiAT needs to make the banger of a lifetime. Granted, there are several, miscellaneous melodies and ad-libs accompanying, the initial throttle of this new, Missouri hit, “Gah Bag” is exactly what gives it a riotous rush. “Gah Bag” is two minutes and forty-six seconds of unorthodox, modern-trap madness; wherein BoyboiiAT’s unique delivery and flow highlight its potential. Its ingenuity is born from a marriage of dark, infernal percussion and the joyous, iridescent melodies that waft beneath it. Our Kansas City talent speeds through the track with an infallible resolve; throwing bar after bar regarding his love of marijuana. On “Gah Bag”, BoyboiiAT is swift and charismatic; two traits a crowd-crazing banger can not form without. In the scope of contemporary Hip-Hop, it is impressively original; fated to catch your ear and toss your head into a nod. Yes, this year, the Midwest rapper is in his “Gah Bag”; and so long as he keeps this tremendous energy, he’ll never be smoked out.

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“Gah Bag”