Nanoon’s is on another level with hard white hustler's anthem “All I Wanna Do”

Time for a gangsta groove. “Only thing I wanna do is hustle...” Backed by a jubilant, yet malicious key progression; Nanoon’s new, banging “All I Wanna Do” will undeniably rock your new year. A stark clap cuts into the mix every three steps, adding a rhythm to the 808s and hihats that is utterly irresistible. Nanoon himself is certainly dedicated to turning out an anthem; spitting stories on the mic about his surrounding street life, yet escalating ambition. His rhythmic, narcotic flow seizes the instrumental; and this alone leads to a radio-ready, mainstream-trap hit. Yet, when chaperoned by Nanoon’s lyricism and storytelling, the potential of this record suddenly unfolds. Not only are you getting a club-charged banger from this DMV rapper; but you’re likewise getting a taste of the Washington, DC streets as he knows them. On “All I Wanna Do”, Nanoon holds nothing back. Upon playing this titanic, trap offering, all you are going to want to do is hit repeat; and keep this gangsta groove going as long as you feasibly can.