MIDWEST >> Inspiring new street anthem “100” by H6Z100 (Hbeezyonehundred)

“We be the goons!” In an unquenchable burst of zeal and hunger, H6Z100 (Hbeezyonehundred) is letting us have it with “100”, his latest, hard-hitting release. It is a three-minute and twenty-two second tirade proffered through his Soundcloud, equipped with everything you would expect of a Michigan anthem. The vigorous prance of 808 kicks rumbling beneath a malicious, piano melody and scattering trap percussion, creates a bounce reminiscent of the Detroit sound. Yet, our Ypsilanti native makes it uniquely his own. Through his lively delivery, street-hardened lyricism, and melodious, auto-tuned hook, H6Z100 fully invites us into his existence. Warring between a life on the block, and a love for God, this Midwest emcee has his back against the wall. Yet, as “100” proves, when the heat is on, H6Z100 becomes a force to be reckoned with. He will hit the booth and lash out with a bombing banger. All of his turmoil is destined to pay off; for, “100” is just the song H6Z100 needs to explode.

“100” on Spotify