MIDWEST HIPHOP >> Valiant Praize uses original newage sounds on gospel rap album “Jesus Peace Love Fun”

Here to awaken our spirits with his almighty “Jesus Peace Love Fun” project, is Michigan’s own, Valiant Praize; anointed with versatility and the blessing of musicality. This ten-track effort is ripe with diverse sounds; ranging from the most cinematic, modern-trap, to choir-filled gospel rap, Pop, and tranquil R&B. All of which illuminating with powerful praises of God. The Detroit talent is hard-hitting on the album opener, “Valiant Praize”. As an incredibly theatric progression takes to the background, Valiant Praize, dipped in auto-tune, unleashes a peerless love for Christ on the trap beat. This love only amalgamates as the project courses on, with tracks such as the bubbly “O Happy Day” giving a soulful-rap incarnation to his holy adoration. “Standing In Love” is an acoustic guitar ballad, filled with heart-touching, prayerful bars. The rest of the album is a musical expedition into pure, Christian rap; with Valiant Praize’s lyrics, melody and passionate inflections leading each hymn. “Jesus Peace Love Fun” is a masterful exercise in musical spirituality and unstoppable range. It is an energetic listen for young, Christian adults; and will bring the youth exponentially closer to Christ.

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