dogfuck drops a minute bomb titled “ViolentHeadJerk”

Whatever is transpiring in Richmond, Virginia; it may be leading us to a musical evolution in Hip-Hop. Where melodies are sporadic and unconventional, drums abandon this modern-trap trend, track lengths rival EPs and stage-names are as bizarre as the music itself. That is the zeitgeist that dogfuck, a Virginian emcee, may be leading us to with his exhilarating, experimental offering “VIOLENTHEADJERK”. That quadruplet of elements listed earlier exists wholly within the composition of “VIOLENTHEADJERK”. The melodies on this record are far from traditional; being composed of a variety of samples and freakish progressions. Drums transgress all genres, lunging from Trap, to archaic Hip-Hop, and even Drum-n-Bass. All the while, dogfuck maintains a riotous, boundary-bending resolve. His delivery is composed of shouts, spitting, melodizing and anything else he can conjure from within. One thing is certain: no section ever mirrors the last, for the entire eighteen minute duration of this release. Every portion of “VIOLENTHEADJERK” is idiosyncratic; special, in its own sonic dimension. This music has an undeniable, Death Grips/Clipping air to it; and by that alone, dogfuck is aligned with a vanguard of Hip-Hop experimentalists, ushering us into a new era of Rap. In a time where the culture is being dominated by conformity, “VIOLENTHEADJERK” is another breath of fresh air we certainly need.

“ViolentHeadJerk” on Soundcloud