RAY-EYE tells the history of hiphop with new cut “Full Swing (The Influence)”

Indiana emcee/producer, RAY-EYE, is taking it back with “Full Swing (The Influence)”. The record is a time portal, warping us back to the Golden Era of Hip-Hop the moment we press play. From some of the bars (which pay homage to the origins of rap), to the beat (furthered by a rhythmic, bare-bones drum loop), “Full Swing” screams 1990s. Screams it louder than its Gary spitter’s own voice on the mic. For, RAY-EYE rides the beat with a whisper for the duration of the track; bars almost blending into the minimal instrumental surrounding them. It is completely contrasted by the powerful bassline coasting below; and when the two fuse, a matchless groove will creep into your earphones, and swing your head into a nod. Fifteen years of his dedication to Hip-Hop have culminated into RAY-EYE’s laid-back, lyrical style; and crystalized his organic sound. He proves seasoned on “Full Swing (The Influence)” with a wisdom that not only reverberates through his lyricism; but within the strong, sophistication of his production, as well. Everything you love about pure Hip-Hop can be found in this track; and everything you love about astounding artistry can be found in RAY-EYE.