Calimossa releases hiphop groove "Heater Beater"

Undeniably, Hip-Hop has a new prince of groove. Such is evident by the amethyst jewel of a slippery-smooth bassline; that slithers through the crown of this anthemic, new track. A crown that now sits on the head of Californian rapper, Calimossa. Titled “Heater Beater”, this three-minute offering is an addictive, rhythmic experience. It opens with a luscious, female vocal; rapping in tandem with miscellaneous chants of a partying crowd. Eventually, Calimossa joins this teasing vocal; and together, buoyed by this sensational, early-2000s instrumental, the two shimmy into the chorus. The song could have been completed with this hook on loop alone; simply due to its seductive, danceable aesthetic. However, the Los Angeles native dives even further into this hit; opting to flex a bit of his rapping prowess with two, excellently-written verses. If that wasn’t enough, Calimossa even offers a surprising change-up around the 2:20 mark, launching the record to an even higher echelon of writing and production. To say the least, there are myriad moments on this track that prove the dimensions of Calimossa’s artistry. And above all else, ordain him with the power to make any crowd groove right along. If there is any new track you will want to end your year off with, especially with a party around the corner; the gilded “Heater Beater” should be at the top of your list. This West Coast talent will not disappoint.

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