Sung Eun Choi new song “Come”

“Come” is an almost genre-less amalgamation of emotion, soaring vibrantly from South Korea’s left-field; at the hands of Seoul creative, Sung Eun Choi. If any particular style is detectable on this record, it is the lo-fi prance of classical music melodizing the background. Otherwise, the track is fairly ambiguous; spiced solely by the arbitrary chants of Choi himself. Striking nearer to commentary than anything else, Sung Eun Choi speaks in a blend of Korean and English over the colorful backdrop. He is passionate, yet confined; allowing his voice to drift easily over the instrumental, all the while wearing his heart on the sleeve of his words. Unquestionably, this Korean artist is devoted to pushing the limits of modern music. With “Come” already surprising, who knows what eclectic creation Choi will hit us with next.

“Come” Stream/Download: