There are entertainers and there are rappers. Staying true to the hip hop culture, Rell Ca$h emerges from Milwaukee, WI at an early age to fight for his dreams of becoming a voice for the youth through his music. Heavily influenced by Meek MillJoe Budden and Jadakiss, the Wisconsin artist embraces the sounds of classic rappers such as TupacBiggie and Jay-Z. By studying the greats, Ca$h developed freestyling and song writing skills that set him apart from the mediocre lyricists. He’s made it known through his verses that music is more than just a hobby to him, it’s a mission. The more he puts his energy into perfecting his craft, the more he falls in love with the genre and vowed to use his platform to make a positive difference. 

He hops on a jazzy, sultry rhythm as he introduces his new music video WHATUCALLTHAT. He’s spitting truth with every line, telling his story from his downfall to his bounce back. The visuals portray him from different angles while he continues narrating his struggles and triumphs as he kicks it with his clique. He’s seen isolated in a spiral staircase, emphasizing the message that success isn’t just a straight and narrow path. The video was just released last week, November 22 and it's already racked up 4K views. Rell has a strong fanbase consisting of over 7K and constantly growing as they follow his musical evolution. 

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