Rap duo, Nilla Splice release nostalgic video game inspired song “POWER UP”

The musical range of genre-bending duo, Nilla Spice, certainly shines through on their newest smash, “Power Up”. Consisting of personas Cad Hollyhood and Tru Tyte, the record is inspired by both Hip-Hop and Electronic music. Unquestionably, there is a trap groove in the track; highlighted by its use of rolling hihats, dribbling kicks, and flavorful 808 claps. The Electronic element is derived from the power in their synths, which blossom irrefutably with color. At fifty seconds there is an awesomely synth-tinged breakdown, where the colors of EDM are vibrant. Soon, however, the energetic rapping of Nilla Spice commences, and you are reintroduced to his diverse flow. From rapid-fire spitting, to powerful chants of the hook, Nilla Spice showcases an undeniable talent for rapping. One that, combined with the track’s production, makes for a wide-reaching banger. 

Whatever crowd Nilla Splice preforms their new single, “Hate On”, for is in for an exhilarating night. They will be possessed by the voluminous rapping; and spurred to rage at their hearts’ content. That is a testament to the power that this Tampa Bay record wields; not only through its magnificent, vocal energy, but likewise its brain-throttling instrumental. To say the least, “Hate On” is musically sophisticated. It is an edgy mesh of various genres; all fusing together to create this radical, unchartered sound. The bounce is undeniably Hip-Hop; yet, the mess of synths buzzing in the foreground are distinctively native to electronic music. Around 25 seconds into the record, a funky, analog bassline slips into the mix, and the entire atmosphere is shifted. The duo allows the joint to breathe during this section, yet eventually, he crashes back into the track; as riotous and rebellious as before. Nilla is enveloped by powerful, wailing guitars during the chorus, where he chants melodiously “Hate On”. It is the model climax to the record; and if ever performed for that aforementioned crowd, will send each person into a craze. It is records like these which carve their own space into the realm of Hip-Hop; and solidify the careers of genre-bending artists. Nilla Splice and his recent banger, “Hate On”, are at the forefront of that promise.

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