P.A.T's "Getting Over You" Serves Classic Vibes

There’s just something about an old school beat with captivating lyrics that makes its mark in the hip hop game. If true lyricism is what you’re looking for, you need to turn your attention to Patrick Barnett who goes by the name P.A.T – Poetic & Talented. The Texas rapper was born in Bitburg, Germany who later moved to Fort Worth after his father retired from the Air Force. Releasing his single Getting Over You once you hear it, you won’t forget it. It illuminates emotion as he confesses his need and love for music, emphasizing its meaning in his life. It’s not just a hobby to him, it’s a passion and if his music falls on deaf ears, he won’t be able to get over it. This isn't for the dumbed down, this is for the true hip hop heads. It’s a mission for him to save the world, one song at a time. From what fans hear, they’re certain he’s on his way to greatness. 

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