New-age artist, JGAR (Just Good At Rapping) drops a dope new self-titled EP

The state of Texas has always maintained a pivotal seat on the altar of Hip Hop. From historical acts such as UGK, Scarface, Trae the Truth and DJ Screw, to the Travis Scotts, Sauce Walkas and Tay-Ks of our modern day, the Lonestar State has remained seething with talent. Today, a new face is appearing amid that throng; and where the previous ones have highlighted cities such as Houston and Dallas, this lyrical newcomer is looking to put a different region on the map. He goes by the name Jgar, and is proudly representing San Marco, Texas (the Tr36ix) through his latest, self-titled EP. “JGAR” comes at you with five, solid tracks of new-age, Southern Hip-Hop. It forgoes the heaviness and darkness of those aforementioned, Texan artists, in exchange for lightness and relaxation. Jgar is not overbearing on this project. His lyricism, delivery, features and beat selection all combine to create this chilled-out, smoldering environment. One thats perfect for your Saturday night, basement rotation. Put simply, “JGAR” is slow-paced, smoke-friendly trap music at its finest; with enough potential to give its creator a buzz across the Tr36ix, and open the Hip-Hop world’s eyes to what San Marco can provide.