Johnny Mo releases visuals of new-age hit “5 Days” [Music + Interview]

Los Angeles rapper, Johnny Mo’s, latest video could not be truer to the essence of Hip-Hop. It embodies the tenants by which every artist in the culture subscribes: late nights grinding in the studio, matched with devoting days to dwelling your home turf. Backed by the single, “5 Days”, from his “The Comedown” project released earlier, Johnny Mo is depicted in every one of those aforementioned settings. The boom of titanic 808s, paired with an iridescent melody and clap, carry Johnny as he rhymes into a microphone, on the porch, and within a very West Coast corridor. Its an extremely lo-fi visual, from the film all the way down to the edits (much is reminiscent of a 90s infomercial), and that alone assigns it a unique aesthetic. Undoubtedly, the ambition that resounded through his single, shines vibrantly in its video. In both the video, as well as the record, Johnny Mo is competent and confident, maneuvering through the beat and scenery with matchless conviction. If this is any indication of what he had to offer on his recent EP; it is likely “The Comedown” will be the come up for our rising, Californian emcee. 

“The ComeDown”
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