Don Smooth drops new-age trap banger "21 Savage"

Repping Spartanburg, South Carolina, rapper Don Smooth’s recent drop, “21 Savage” is a grand-slam of modern, minimal trap music. For two minutes and eleven seconds, you will be warped into a world of turn-up raps and sparse, yet exhilarating percussion. The drum pattern creates this ideal energy for Don Smooth’s lyrics and flow. Between bars regarding his arsenal, and the Spartanburg street life, the southern rapper smoothly bounces along distorted 808s, hi-hats and claps. The absence of a melody leaves plenty of room for Don Smooth to rap circles around his competition; delivering a swift trap anthem. If the music video is of any comparison; throw this record on at your local party, and it is guaranteed to turn the entire room up a notch. Effortlessly, with this new single, “21 Savage”, Don Smooth has put a spotlight on his Spartanburg home. Only a matter of time before the entire state of South Carolina has a new face of trap.

"21 Savage"