AyKay is doing the most with certified trap anthem "Fast Car" ft. Tevin

Swedish rapper, AyKay, coasting his latest single, “Fast Car (feat. Tevin)” is welcoming you on the ride of a lifetime. The road is paved in autotune and sultry basslines; both of which are melodious, distorted and powerful, journeying you deeper and deeper into the Astroworld. For, certainly, in the wake of artists such as Travis Scott, records like these exist: embracing both the darkness and adventure of your night life. “Fast Car” is energetic and fun-spirited; featuring a cloudy, ambient synthesizer and unforgiving drumline. Both AyKay and Tevin deliver throttling, rockstar verses over this modern-trap banger; proving not only can they deliver an infectious, speaker-shaking record, but that they can also flow over any instrumental given to them. This joint is beyond radio ready. With AyKay planning a move from Sweden to the United States, one can only imagine the impact he’ll make on this side of the globe. “Fast Car” is already poised to rock the hemisphere.

“Fast Car” Stream/Download: