@ItsCamJae "Good Day" Music Video Racks Up 20K Views

Today is going to be a good day. The song Good Day is introduced by Cam Jordan as he hops on a beat that lets you know, this is about to be a classic under his repertoire of singles. Spitting positive words that complement the classic feel of the track, the message he spreads is one of believing that there are better days to come, even if you’re going through it right now. 
Releasing the music video in late September, he’s already racking up close to 20K views. The track features FBG Duck, it’s not the typical song that only brags and boasts about being up in life, the lyrics show the humble side, showing their gratitude for having life go their way. 
The music visual serves feel good vibes, everyone is having a great time, partying, dancing and drinking. The video then cuts to a skit with Jae on the staircase rubbing his head, clearly stressed until one of his homies tap him on the back and tell him “It’s gonna be a good day.”  

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