Ombrage releases fun new single “Can You Do The Serena”

“Can You Do The Serena” 

A divine, inextinguishable beauty has always coursed through the Caribbean. The magic of its weather, scenery, and culture captivates not only its natives, but millions of tourists each and every year. What draws us to Haitian rapper, OMBRAGE, is not solely the fact he was born in the islands; but his impeccable ability to take that very, aforementioned Caribbean magic and create matchless music. One of the greatest examples of this talent is his most recent release, “Can You Do The Serena”, and it is brimming with tropical flavor. This record features the Achaie-born, Brooklyn-based rapper flowing across a lushly fruity instrumental; intent on delivering a bouncy, danceable smash. The spirit of Haiti is embraced in more ways than one, through the artist’s lyricism. As much as he braves his accent, and enlivens the beachy production, he also shifts between languages; coasting into a smooth Spanish rap in homage to the island’s thick Latin culture, among others. “Can You Do The Serena” is the perfect, island -esque jam; fitting for your next Caribbean fiesta. For a change, instead of millions traveling to the islands, OMBRAGE is bringing the islands to millions.