Mansa Obi new album "What Matters" #ArtistOfTheMonth

On August 16th, back in 2016, a Louisiana singer-songwriter had a brush with death. New Orleans’ own, Mansa Obi’s, story almost ended with a horrific fall from a thirty-five foot height. Yet, as the saying goes, the only thing that can circumvent death is new life; and our creative crooner embellished every ounce of that notion with his latest work of unignorable vitality. Titled “What Matters”, Obi’s latest drop is a four-track reunion with the life he almost lost; and genesis of a new chapter in his artistic parable. 

In every way, “What Matters” is Obi’s heart in audio form. Just as his own refused to quit pumping on the eve of that fateful day, the project pulsates with a consistent tempo of “New Orleans Bounce”. This groove slithers through every beat on the singer’s album, undulating underneath some of the most breathtaking R&B ballads you’ll hear all year. Your soul will be opened by his initial track, “You Remind Me”, which features Obi’s vivacious vocals and disemboweled adlibs flowing freely across a violin-tinged melody. On the record, the Louisianian smolders with infatuation over a particular love interest; letting them know who they remind him of, and exactly what he wants to accomplish for the night. Tracks “Cinderella” and “Now” trail close behind, with the latter being a personal favorite next to the album’s opener. It is a softer record in comparison to its predecessors, featuring Obi singing in a falsetto that will reach deep into that very soul of your’s he opened not too long ago. “Lust” is the final track on the project; and here, he’ll ultimately melt your spirit away; burning with such sultry, and soulful inflection. There are synth stabs and xylophone melodies that season the instrumental, spicing up the man’s vocals even further. Next to his vocals, the sparse production on this album is one of its greatest assets, due to how well it allows Obi’s performance to shine; and showcase his undeniable star power. In 2016, this talented musician took a life-threatening fall. In 2018, he’s landed on the top of underground R&B.