Interview w/ Brattnae (Rapcrush)

Where are you from?
Chicago, IL South Englewood

Where does the inspiration for your music come from? 
Was it influenced by other artists, specific events, etc.?
My influence of music came from my dad lol he was a rapper. I wasn’t even really into music like that when I was a baby, like I memorized songs but that was it . When I turned like 12 I began writing music and poetry and it just sort of came to me. I remember the first song I was influenced by it was do or die “Do u wanna ride” I wrote all the lyrics out on my computer and I’ll rap it everyday until I memorized it . 

What's the vibes like for you before creating? Can you explain your writing process? 
How does everything come together?

It might sound weird but writing is so easy for me, like I write in the craziest places like at work , on the toilet, driving or listening to certain artists. Sometimes I just think of a title or a word that can mean various things then just start writing lyrics to it in my phone. I never write a whole song together though, sometimes I find the beat then write to the beat. Then I might finish the song in a day or two. 

Tell us about the new single and visual?
My new song Cheat On Me is so dope because it’s’s like how u gone cheat on me? that’s the first question a woman ask when she find out she got cheated on. Then it’s like how could u cheat on me basically that’s what the song is talking about, I’m popping In real life goals there no other chicks like me. Then for the video I interpreted dance, I love to dance even though I’m not a perfectionist I just love doing it it’s fun. I had two dancers from Chicago in my video which brought life to the video. It’s a dance song that makes you want to dance, but at the same time has a message.

Being a female artist from chicago, what's the pressure like all in all?
Being a female artist is a lot of pressure withthin itself like its hard, you have to work twice as hard as male artist because you are a woman it’s really crazy. It’s like your standards are way higher from appearance to lyrics to everything! Then Chicago music scene is so weird, it’s alot of drill plus everybody wants to be hardcore... so women with actual talent are overlooked . 

To the average listener, some people might think your single is just oddball rap. 
What does your single mean to you?
I mean my single is more then just oddball rap because you have to actually listen to the lyrics. I really take the time to make sure my lyrics are on point because I’m very lyrical I always been a good writer but because im still young and I know the type of music I like to listen to and my peers I have to blend it a lil bit. Can’t be to boring but can’t be too dumb! 

Is there a dream collaboration or a dream venue to play at? 
What’s the ideal goal for you with your music?
My dream collaboration will be with Jeremih I think he is a dope artist...his voice is amazing and I love his style the way he sings. My ideal goal would be to just relocate and travel to different states and countries performing . 

What do you think of not just the chicago industry, but the music industry as a whole in 2018?
It’s just a whole lot going on. It’s good artists out here that get overlooked by weak artists and it's weak artists that do dumb stuff or say dumb stuff to keep fans. It’s weird but I feel like it’s all entertainment now and less about your actual craft or how good you are. But if u have a dope personality and make good music, that’s the total package but you rarely see that.

What would you say your 5 year plan is to improve not just yourself, but your music and brand?
My five year plan will be to improve my versatility, and show more of my personality cause it’s lit. As far as music, more versatile, more lyrical and as far as my brand, more networking maybe #Rapcrush Merchandise .

What's the best way to follow / contact you?