CHICAGO HIPHOP>> DLOW releases new-age bedroom anthem "Stick to the Plan"

Juxtaposing the Drill scene in Chicago, there was another epidemic gaining heavy traction. It was birthed on the opposite end of the spectrum; countering the darkness, death and violence of the city’s Drill with benevolent, care-free footwork. This movement was the “Bop” movement, and one of the forefathers of this iconic moment in Chicago culture, was none other than rapper/dancer, DLOW. After years of bopping alongside fellow Chi-Town choreographer, Kemo (under their BopKingz moniker), DLOW broke out with an astounding, anthemic single, “Do It Like Me”, with worldwide living rooms and dancefloors unable to resist his infectious swing. 

Today, he’s slowing it down a step; pulling back from his usual, hyper, anthem-friendly sound, for a more romantic, heartwarming style. With his recent release, “Stick To The Plan”, Bopking DLOW aims to show us that he has even more moves than those laid on the dancefloor. And their reserved exclusively for the ladies. Backed by a milky, conventional R&B beat, DLOW smoothly slides across in a bed of melodious autotune. He croons about a particular love interest, whose undoubtedly pulling his heartstrings. Verily, there’s a defined chorus in the song; however, there are also many bridges and pockets of the verses, where our Chicago creative’s potential with melody and autotune shine outstandingly. If you add this to your DLOW playlist, and decide to play it for your significant other; make sure the bedroom isnt too far from the dancefloor. You’ll need it.