Yeung Human delivers trippy trap music w/ new beat tape “Temporarily Relocated”

Before the producer, there was the DJ. The DJ would find all of the great breaks in records, record the sessions, and sell what would be called Beat Tapes. The producer is today's DJ. Most go on to create sounds for artists to record vocals over, but occassionally you will find one who just wants to showcase their talent. Boston's own artist collective, Yeung Human Records delivers a new instrumental album 'Temporarily Relocated'. The eight track Beat Tape is packed with trap bangers, trippy new wave anthems, and nice head bobbing production that will give you something to vibe out to. Dont sleep, there are some beats on here that will have any artist reaching for their pen and pad. The project is reminiscent of beat tapes like Metro Boomin and Southside have blessed the streets with. Enjoy 'Temporarily Relocated' on Soundcloud and follow Yeung Human's growing movement today.