Scion919 drops jewels & street gems on new album “I Deserve This”

With IG live and Snapchat clout being the driving force behind artists popularity, for most the concept of "hard work pays" is a thing of the past. For those who are forced to patiently wait their turn, when the window of opportunity opens, they jump right through it. Raliegh, North Carolina's own Scion919 has been perfecting his style in waiting and ready to seize the moment. His new project 'I Deserve This' is a clear representation of who he is, what he's endured, and where he's headed all on a wide range of nice instrumentals. Listen to the showcase of his skills on an array of sounds, silencing the doubters and haters with bars that weigh a ton. Scion which stands for Staying. Consistently. In front. Of. Nonsense. also has tracks for the club and has tunes for you and your lady to vibe to on this album. Scion's dedication to his artform and skill proves his commitment and why he is fully deserving of all of the love headed in his direction.