DC Miah handles breakup by paperchasin on new-age single "No Love"

Fateful and forlorn, is DC Miah’s latest, melodic effort, “No Love”. The two-and-a-half minute joint is a reeling rollercoaster of emotion from the Miami artist; born out of a cauldron of betrayal and heartbreak. Heartbreak is the nucleus every element of the record orbits around; however, in this instance, our autotune-soaked artist seems determined to break free of its gravity. He is led by an abysmal, almost-apocalyptic production, reflective of his earth-crumbling circumstances. The one woman he trusted has betrayed him; and with that comes an enormous swell of dark ambiance, fashioned into a very mellow chord progression. The ambiance is soon fulfilled by a series of 808 kicks, hats and snares, that immediately set in motion Miah himself. Miah’s vocals move to finish the story his production is already telling; spitting a flurry of candid, relatable bars about his love gone wrong. Swimming in a sea of ambition and autotune, he details just how determined he is to rise above this person whose done him so inexplicably dirty; chasing the money in effort to kill them with success. It is that spirit that makes “No Love” a well-executed, radio-ready, trap ballad; and if there is a colossal push by Freedom Records, our Dade County rapper will certainly see that dream come true.