A.M Brince has the key to the streets with new banger “Kheat Kode”

If their group name is any indication, the “Reign Gang” collective is poised to crush and conquer the next wave of Hip-Hop. And if this titanic single, “Kheat Kode”, is any indication; the group has a hidden diamond just waiting to jewel their crown. That diamond is Brooklyn rapper, AM Brince; and on this trap tirade, he shines brighter than he has have ever before! The track begins with an ambient, apparition-like synth pad, that is only broken by the tap of a hat. Briskly, our artist follows the percussion; coming in with repetitive, hype-building ad-libs. It doesn't take long for us to see exactly what he was building towards, either. Suddenly, a powerful 808 rocks the mix, and we are catapulted into Brince's world of rhymes and mayhem. Accompanied by the snap of a snare, Brince fully embellishes street life with raw, unforgiving, gangsta rap. What the Brooklyn emcee aims to get across on this record is that he is a different breed: not one to be toyed with or underestimated. So long as he never runs dry of pride or passion, and always has a pen to express himself, AM Brince won't need a “Kheat Kode” to break into this rap game; becoming the next great thing New York has to offer.

“KHEAT KODE” Stream: