Vocaliz creates cultural experience with new album “Afrikan in New York” [INTERVIEW INCLUDED]

Music is a universal language. One that mythically transcends most national and societal boundaries normally unbroken on planet Earth. If you want a beautiful, polarizing example of this concept, look no further than award-winning, Cameroonian emcee, Vocaliz, and his eclectic 12-track opus, “Afrikan in New York”. “Afrikan in New York” is in all ways Vocaliz’s “break-out” album; his solo debut apart from Ghanian producer, Afana. It is an evolution on the artist’s signature sound: marrying African sonics with Urban inflections. The record kicks off with a title track that features rhythmic, tropical marimbas, backed by a scorching clap and thunderous 808s. One thing Vocaliz makes certain on this track is that his national pride will never die; setting the tone of African conceptuality and confidence for the rest of the album. This similar sentiment is echoed on a personal favorite, “Oh Na Na” a reggae-esque anthem whose main beat-break is a loop of organic, hip-hop drums. It is in these moments on the album where his Brooklyn basis shines. Tracks such as “At the Speed of Love” (another favorite), “May Be”, and “We Up” (another favorite) have a pristine, Golden Era hip-hop tonality to them; while the tracks succeeding them are much more modern and “trap” in expression. 

As the only rapper on the entire album, Vocaliz phenomenally brings something new and refreshing to each and every beat he spits on. Whether its afrobeat, reggae, boom-bap or trap, this Cameroon-born, Brooklyn-based emcee attacks the music wholeheartedly; able to bend and maneuver his accent to suit and emphasize some already remarkable bars. When it comes to his sound, Vocaliz proves on this astounding debut that he has conquered it; and the universal language of music is yet another one he’s doubtlessly mastered. Vocaliz his recent shared his journey with TheDopeness interview series. Enjoy “Afrikan in New York” and join Vocaliz's growing movement today!