Ralana is on-the-rise with flaming new dance song "When The Sun"

With her talent hitting the world of music as a singer, songwriter and producer, Ralana is determined to not only entertain but provide the ultimate reason why you need to listen to music. Stepping on the scene as a Swedish artiste, her single "When The Sun" highlights her entrance into the industry and the blaze she comes with. Her single links to new beginnings in terms of when you step out, you should bring balance while bouncing on a classic hard rock beat. It highlights the fact that we should ever be rising like the Sun and offering a positive contribution to the world. Her music is the perfect choice for the dance floor and festival gatherings especially because of its upbeat flow.

Ralana definitely through her song "When The Sun", allows us to stand for something and push forward in achieving our inner greatness. Her passionate feel of the song showcases as noted not only talent but also words of motivation and inspiration. She sure has a lot more quality to offer to this music industry.

“When The Sun” on Soundcloud