Obi Khan releases new hiphop project "Grhyme... Thee EP"

Gryhme… Thee EP is exactly what is sounds like… Grime plus rhymes. Obi Khan brings the grimiest of vocals I’ve heard in a while… he sounds almost like a grime goblin. Yet the rhymes within that grimey voice are on point. Obi Khan delivers messages of true life struggles and deep personal topics with playful references that listeners can relate to. The production of most of the tracks from producer Thanos Beats who brings an old school bounce but with hard feel to match that grime style of Obi Khan. All around, Gryhme can be listened to casually just bumping tunes but should also be listened to closely to grab important jewels. Some of our favorite tracks to listen to were: Voices In My Head, The Circus, Check the Grhyme, The Life. Follow Obi Khan's growing movement and get the full project on Bandcamp today.

Gryhme… Thee EP [Download]