Nuzician launches new song and challenge "That's How I Roll (T.H.I.R)"

The new song "That's How I Roll (T.H.I.R)" by artist, Nuzician is a classic and much desired break that the music industry needs. The single has a new-age vibe and a dope summer bounce with a very similar tempo as other popular hits of today like Migos “Walk It Talk It”. Atlanta producer, Eva J's club-ready 808 bass line and trap-influenced percussions, makes the soundtrack definitely one to add to your party line up! It brings not only words and music but life to the hearts of listeners. Nuzician is an artist who has navigated his way through the music scene in a very big way, working in the same circles as many other popular musicians. “That's How I Roll”, details what this individual has to offer without making any exceptions of living life by other people's rules. Chilling and rolling with friends and creating your own unique memory is one of the basic themes of this song.

In addition, to celebrate the song Nuzician has launched the “T.H.I.R Challenge” where the winner will win $250 for a 1-minute remix of the song! The challenge rules are simple:

-Create a short (up to 1 min) video with the track – you can download or stream the track here:

-Tag 2 friends to challenge

-Tag @thirchallenge on a social media platform (instagram, twitter, youtube OR facebook) so that we can see when you’ve posted the video.

-Optional – you can also email submissions to

Stream/Download “T.H.I.R” on Spotify