King Phannum new song "Maybe Next Time" ft. Ras Faith and Breana Marin

Rising artist, King Phannum delivers a song that many people of today can definitely relate to with new banger “Maybe Next Time”. A relationship battle, “telling what it is” and hoping this will enable a more positive approach if they get back together. It has a unique touch which showcases the strength of communication and how if don’t efficiently, it can provide the feedback and results needed. The song is laid out on an interesting beat that easily attracts and reaches its listeners in an amazing way. Relationships are like the “hit” of today especially through social media, and persons are always seeking a way to resolve issues they may be faced with. “Maybe Next Time” highlights powerful tips on how making the promise of changing for the better with practical sacrifice may eventually work to your favor. King Phannum is a hip hop recording artist born and raised in Baltimore and one who has a strong motivation to contribute his strength to help growing the music industry. Follow his growing movement today!