JD Boyz drops powerful trap/rock influenced street anthem "fox 5"

The A, birthplace of trap music. The home of iconic hiphop groups Goodie M.O.B, Outkast, Migos, Ghetto Mafia, Playa Circle, and now you have JD Boyz. JD Boyz are a duo out of East Atlanta and have been putting in work for a while. The group has been friends and most likely formed durimg Basketball days at Redan High School. Now they are balling on airwaves, getting buckets through streams, and giving the streets nothing but fire! Their newest hit single "Fox 5" is just that. The guitar rift laced banger is the irony of a successful professional of the streets. "Reporting live, see my trap on Fox 5" are the lyrics that explain a possible outcome of gaining wealth through street life. JD Boyz' constant grind, great song writing abilities has gained them major notoriety in the on the hiphop scene and just a hit or two away from becoming Atlanta's next iconic Hip Hop group!

“Fox 5” on Spotify [Download]