CHICAGO HIPHOP>> Sidthatsit creates a new sound with project "bLACK eGG"

Sometimes you instantly recognize a rarity, sometimes you confuse that rarity with another that you may have heard or seen before. Sidthatsit is a rarity. His music is straight out of house Kanye and Cudi built with a very Rap Noir(if thats not a thing it is now) sound. The Chicago kid gifts 2018 with his new Album bLACK eGG. The project consists of nine incredible tracks. It is a very impressive work of art from top to bottom. The content, production, and arrangement of this project are absolutely on point. bLACK eGG is full of tales of ambition, depression, drug experimentation, and heartache. It is a great fusion of uptempo head banging slappers and dark melodic ballads. Off of the top of my head this album gives me that Kanye West 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' or Travis Scott 'Before the Rodeo' feel. I see a dark(pun intended) career ahead for this future star. Afterall, Sidthatsit is a rarity. As rare as an bLACK eGG.