20HzBeats releases new-age hiphop banger “Medicate” ft Izack Gold

It goes without saying: In the current climate of hip-hop, which has skyrocketed to being the #1 genre on the globe, one of the most crowning attributes of its music is production. The sonics of some of our recent years’ most popular songs are what carries them; giving them the bounce, groove and life they need to dominate radios and clubs worldwide. This newfound appreciation for production is exactly what has catapulted the likes of DJ Khaled and Metro Boomin to superstardom. It is, likewise, the very reason why New Zealander, 20HzBeats, upon releasing his fresh, new single, “Medicate”, may just be next in line. 

“Medicate” is a lively, contemporary trap record, stemming from the producer’s soon-coming “Highly Motivated” mixtape. The track begins with a sinister progression of keys, ostensibly building up momentum to the drop. Before you know it, guided by the melodic surge of guest rapper, Izack Gold, there is an explosion of kicks, snares, and 808s that pull the entire instrumental to the forefront. Without a doubt, 20HzBeats proves excellent in his skillset and manipulation of the beat; creating bass whirls and percussive pockets that Gold’s vocals fit flawlessly within. The rapper runs across the beat in a gust of melodies, bars and crowd-enticing chants, powered furthermore by well-placed, exciting adlibs. When matched with such a pure, exhilarating beat, the duo create this unique energy. An energy that is certain to land them on those very radios and clubs previously mentioned! Enjoy “Medicate” and follow today.

“MEDICATE” on Soundcloud