Who Is Raphael Leraux releases classy g-funk/hiphop groove “New Thing”

Who Is Raphael Leraux is a versatile recording artist from the North side of El Paso, TX. This time he’s riding the beat to his new track “New Thing” that’s both raw and original. The band is effortlessly cool with the smooth mixture of g-funk, soul and hiphop genres. The track’s beats provide a brisk backdrop without overwhelming the lyricist.  

The intense passion and beauty from the South West can no longer go unnoticed despite the drug crisis: that’s at the heart of Who Is Raphael Leraux. Who Is Raphael Leraux has easily interwoven introspective lyrics in an organic and engaging fashion. The artist recently gave a candid interview with USA Blog Network. Enjoy the song and follow Who Is Raphael Leraux's growing movement today.