Subliminal releases visuals for new African pop anthem "Let the Music Talk"

Straight out of Tel Aviv with a banger that will have your heart splitting in your chest is Kobi Shimony A.K.A "Subliminal". This time he has released visuals for his new African pop anthem “Let the Music Talk”. This omnivorous first single is a blend of influences from South Africa to hip-hop combined in a bold and outward-facing manner. This final product is sublimated into a complex groove that unifies the different perspectives in the world. Subliminal has unleashed this with the sole intention of preaching acceptance, unity, and connection. 

The video was shot in Cape Town, South Africa and there is something novel about its build that surpasses the melodic and charismatic approach; it gives hope and optimism. This will go a long way in boosting Subliminal’s career and you might see him churn hit after hit. The "Let the Music Talk" album is a great success for Subliminal as it toes the line of its previous award winning "Color for Life” album.