Fynale uses pimp-like mouthpiece on new club anthem "Come Here"

Corny pickup lines are for the squares.. This is pimpin' 101 where hiphop artist, 
Fynale, teaches the type of slick player talk that can up your game at the club or even on the street! Fynale takes it back to basics with his new anthem titled "Come Here". Listen as Fynale uses a pimp-like mouthpiece and his Southern swagger to talk a chic right outta her panties. Read more and follow his growing movement today!

Bio: "I'm 33, born in Houston, moved to south Texas (Corpus Christi and Kingsville) now back in Houston. Shy quiet kid that wrote poems which led me into rapping. Favorite artist is 2Pac. Current artists I'm fans of are Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. and Lupe Fiasco. Style varies but I would call it a new old school flow."