CHICAGO HIPHOP>> 10-year anniversary of Chekk Famous' classic mixtape "Masterpiece Theater"

Hip hop is an art. Art is to be marveled and revered years beyond its creation. Chekk Famous is a true artist who is creating lyrical masterpieces. In 2008 on the westside of Chicago, Chekk Famous and his team created a work of art that has touched the minds and souls of many. That work of art was the start of one of the worlds most recognized DJ collectives, Blok Club DJ's. That work of art is called "Masterpiece Theatre".  

This classic album features an array of content that covers the board from turn up, party tracks like "Sweep The Floor" to interpersonal tunes like "Thinking of You" where Mr. Famous takes a minute to speak to his daughter. Chekk goes from track to track displaying a level of lyricism matched by few. On tracks like "Ain't Impressed" Chekk separates himself from the competition with flames like "This is not your average jibber jab and rhetoric." The album feature incredible production from Slot A, Byron 'Bang' Walker, and Jaywan Beats provides a little more distance from Chekk Famous and the rest of the crowd. If you want to know how to "turn poetry into profit", I suggest you grab a copy of Masterpiece Theatre, listen and learn.